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Friday, January 23, 2009

chugga chugga choo choo

John and the kids were having fun this morning playing the train game. My husband was saying "chugga chugga choo choo" and the kids were cracking out loud hahaha. Its so good when my husband is off because our kids love playing with him. One of the games that we all play and the kids love is the Ring Around the Rosey... I am not sure of the title of the song hahaha..


  1. they look so cute Mommy Rose..It's good that your husband loves to play with your kids..It is one way to strengthen more the bond between them..

  2. Nice bonding,Ate Rose!!\(^0^)/
    Happy week-end po!
    Thanks po for the visits!!

  3. uy, they really had fun, huh. they look really cute making a train, hehe

  4. what a nice family bonding :-) happy weekends, Rose!

  5. hi ate rose,,nainggit naman ako sa pic ng hubby mo at mga anak mo,,sana someday,,makapag take din ako ng pics katulad ng nasa blog mo..thanks nga pala sa comments sa blog ko ha..

  6. That's so precious! It's always so sweet when daddy's will play with the kiddos. My hubby's gone at work a lot too, and when ever he's home the little ones are so happy!

  7. ohh they are so adorable and the kids really are having fun...hehehe


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