Saturday, January 31, 2009


When I first came to the States, I tried to discover what my father in law's favorite foods are. He love food that are sweets and snacks like that. I prepared him a spaghetti one time but it was Filipino style, you know the one with hotdog and a lil' bit of sugar in it. I was surprised that he liked it and since then whenever I prepare spaghetti, I do it Filipino style. He told me that the hotdog actually compliments the touch of sweetness on the sauce. He also love eating my lasagna..
My husband like the way I prepare it too. Before leaving home yesterday morning, he told me that if I decided to cook something, he would love to have some spaghetti, so that's what me and my kids prepared. My husband can eat a lot of spaghetti hehehe..When we moved out from his house, I always call him to come over to our house every time I cook spaghetti or lasagna. Now that we are here, he told me that he is missing my spaghetti hehehe... I am so thankful that my Filipina close friend visits him once in a while and brings him some spaghetti too.. Thanks Manay Raquel!


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