Sunday, January 4, 2009

Everyday is Christmas

You might be thinking that Christmas is over but for us, it's Christmas everyday because we have each other and we have friends like you. Our family friend, Ate Emily, came back from the Philippines and she gave us pasalubong (picture below).
Thanks a lot Ate, we already ate the pili nut hehehe. John already opened a can of century tuna which he was craving for a long time since we left the Philippines. Rylie love the polvoron and pili tarts. May God bless you for your kindness Ate Ems, we love you!


  1. bait naman ni ate Emily, kelan kaya ako magkaroon ng ate dito...hehehe...

    sarap naman ng sardinas

  2. wow, galing naman, christmas is not over yet with you, Rose, lucky you to have Emily for a friend who is nearby :-)and very kind!

  3. wow! daming grasya mo sis ah...hehhehe! may polvoron pa ba jan? is not over yet...hehhehe! at may eskinol pa..hehehe....:)


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