Sunday, January 4, 2009

Biscuits Au Beurre or Butter Cookies

We bought this butter cookies called Copenhagen that my husband love at Homeplus last Friday. Its a product from Denmark and it has 10 different kind of cookies inside. John's favorite is the pretzel one. Its a little bit pricey but its really really good. The kids love it and I even like it although I am not very fond of sweets stuff hehehe. By the way, I apologized for not visiting your blogs for a couple of days now, I am a little bit busy re organizing and cleaning off everything inside our abode. I tried to visit some but I could do it all, so I'll catch up my friends.... Please bear with me. Good night!


  1. hoist manang..kakaloka..similar din yung cookies na binili namin last week..galing din ng denmark...d lang sya circle..rectangular lang yung box..I dont really like it...Akesha and Greg ate them....:)

  2. hahaha sabi sayo kabit pusod tayo lol... masarap actually....

  3. I was able to buy similar to this, sugar cookies but not sweet...hehehe..i don't like. Dami ko pa naman binili and send sa Pinas.

  4. We used to buy cookies like these all the time. Delicious!


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