Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Future Artist

I am glad to see the artistic side of our children. I am happy that they got that trait from their Dad because I don't have it hehehe..

Here's EJ painting his coloring book last night. He look so serious while drawing hahaha. Sometimes when his sister don't want to share her stuff, he would cry like heck lol. The only problem I am having is that they love to paint everywhere, including walls of our house wahhhhhh... Good thing there is Magic eraser available in the store, or else it will be a pain....


  1. hahahaha...nice for Ej..hpoing he could develop more of his talent..

  2. wow sistah,..dami na artists sa family mo ha...I know..it is a pain pag walang magic eraser..hhaha..nakakarelate nyan kasi si Akesha draw ng draw kahit san!

  3. OO dhemz, as in, kahit saan may drawing dito sa bahay..

  4. you have now future chef and future artist...
    KOMPLET nahhh..haha


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