Tuesday, December 16, 2008

goody goody yumyum!

My Filipina friend who is married to a Korean guy came to visit us yesterday. She live in Masan and its 3o minutes away from here. She comes here once in a while when she is bored or don't have students to teach. Her youngest son David, got along good with Rylie and EJ yesterday so I am glad thy came. She brought us some goodies from Paris baguette.

This is a honey castella sort of cake and the bread with almond is called.... ahhh never mind, can't remember hehehe.

This is a strawberry flavor cake.. uhmmm yum!

Thanks for coming by Eula.


  1. wowwe...dami presents sayo ni santa ah...hehehe! love decoration of the cake....:)

  2. ganda ng decor ng cake hmm mukhang masarap yan ah!


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