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Monday, September 8, 2008


Tomorrow will be a long-busy day for me. It will be my korean student's first day with me, her name is Kim Min Young. Tomorrow will be her orientation, I have to know what level is she when it comes to speaking the English language. It will be 2 hours per session, 3 times a week, this is gonna be a challenge for me. But anyhow, I hope she'll learn something from me lol..
At 4 pm, my 3 year old daughter Rylie will be having her practice for soccer for the first ime. She and some little kids her age inside the base will be playing soccer.. The name of their team is PEEWEE (sounds like a snack in PI lol)!
Then I have to go to work at 5 until 10 in the evening whew! I'm gonna be drained at the end of the day lol!


  1. goodluck on your Korean student and haroo haroo on Ryle!!! Yeah sounds like the chichi that is full of msg, miss the taste though! take cre chubs!!!

  2. owow teacher!
    refresh , enjoy and relax,,,ur so lucky to be buzy!!!!!!!kaya mo an mads dugay na an sa tig agihan ta kaito,,,,mani na lng yan...

  3. Thanks Kabayan, i really need that boost hehehe.. This will be my first time to teach, ang maganda nga lang pag andito ka sa korea, you feel like ikaw na pinakasmart sa boung universe lol!

    Anong chichi, di ko ata alam yan hehehe.. Ingat din pirmi, or should I say ingat so mga chicks saimo hahaha..

  4. hahahha kayang kaya kun sa pagturo man sana, kung darakula na ngani kuta si mga batit, ma apply ako sa school here sa base kasi they need sub-teacher.. kaso di pa pwede!

  5. wow busy na talaga si mommy ha.Good luck na rin sa student mo. Be proud na magaling tayo mga pinoy.

  6. Hi sis, visit me sometimes

  7. rose, closed na yung botohan, i was 6 points behind:-) ok lang, salamat sa support :-)ha, sige bukas uli tulog na muna ako :-)

  8. Hello ATe Weng, salamat.. oK NAMAN YUNG FIRST DAY NAMIN, enjoy syang kausap although nahihirapan talaga sya to express herself but she is actually very samrt, kailangan lang talaga ang practice

  9. Hi Hannah, thanks!

    Hi Rosa, will sure visit you! Added u on my list already.

  10. Hello Ate Cecille, yaan mo next time mananalo ka na nyan!

  11. Enjoy Life sis life's like that if un too hahaha


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