Thursday, July 17, 2008

seafood goodies

We went to the newly opened Home Plus near our place just to get out of the base. As we walked by the food isle/section we found this gorgeous sea foods. I suddenly crave for sea foods so we bought different kind of stuff: fish, squid, shrimp, crabs. We a also bought corn on a cob..


  1. waaahhhh the more I see them the more I get jealous ...

  2. huhuhuhuhuhuhu...tabing di pa ako nag aagda mag duman sa holland to buy seafood gare i-karer ko naman ini sa sat,,,,mamatang amay hehe...ikaon mo mi ha ki spada dokdok mo sa suka..hehehehehehehehhe

  3. tian na siram sana, sinabayan ko baga ki kamatis uhhhhmmm yummmmmmi talaga.. Si EJ dakulon nakakan hahaha..

  4. Rose when you all get back can we try some of the goodies here?

  5. wow! this is so fantastic!

    pahingi naman... i love seafoods


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