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Thursday, July 17, 2008


My daughter want to eat pusit (squid) so I made her adobong pusit.. I was craving for fish, so I fried my favorite sword fish (liwit, langkoy, espada or whatever u call it in tagalog hahaha).. We ate that kind of fish growing up, so I missed it..
We ended up just eating the fried fish, my kids love it too.. I just kept the squid adobo in the fridge for tomorrow, that way I don't have to cook lol..


  1. I wish I can have one right now huhuhu missed it so much..

  2. reserved for me ,,,agihan ko

  3. hi rose!
    when you see "manor, PA" arriving, you know it's me...i wonder why coz i'm actually in greensburg.

    just checking in to read your latest, i envy the variety of seafood there, there's hardly any over here in PA.

    sige, ingat, and happy blogging!

  4. Guys, wish you could have some of these too..

    @Lou, there's a lot of seafood there in NY bako?

    @Madz fe, bayai sana ta tadaan ta ka ki kabanga hahaha.

    @Ate Gigi, thanks so much for always visiting my site and leaving comments..

    Masarap nga kaya lang too expensive here.. masa mahal pa dyan sa tate.. hayyyy life!

  5. Pusit or squid is one of my favorite too. How I wish that I can have it right now. I really miss it.

  6. ooooh I miss adobong pusit. I really loved it. How I wish I could find some here in my place but its very seldom.
    Your blog post made me cravinf sea foods hehehe.
    Sarap ng buhay rose no pag you smell Phil-food? hehe
    god bless!


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