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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ulirang Asawa

At 5 o'clock at work today, hubby called me and asked how to cook this particular Filipino recipe called giniling. I was shocked that he's actually going to cook hehehe.. But I'm so happy! He said that he was gonna surprise me with the food but he did not know how to cook it lol.. I am so proud of you Hon, you are surpassing my expectations everyday. Not only that he cooks dinner, he also did the laundry and clean the dishes.... awesome!


  1. wow! ang sweet!

    patikim naman!

  2. nice blogs hope a great Sunday and happy new year

  3. hahhah...goody! can't wait to see the photo! patikim din manang!

  4. Sige free ang tikim ng giniling hehehe.. thanks Pchi!

  5. I did not take photos dhemz coz i was starving when I arrived and i totally forgot about it hehehe..

  6. rose done adding your new blog :-)

    wow super sweet naman ni joops

    can't wait to see the picture of giniling he cooked :-)

  7. ang sweet naman...:-)
    happy holidays sis!

  8. You are so blessed with a wonderful husband, Rose.
    Thanks for this post, it reminds me to try to cook "giniling", too.
    Have a prosperous, blessed and happy new year. :)

  9. What a cute blog you have. Hope the dinner turns out great.

  10. how sweet of Joops to do that c: Pasti also cooks for me whenever I need help and whenever he is in the mood too c:

  11. rose, i added your blog on my new blog, paki add na rin sana ito sa blog mo :-) salamat!


    thanks a lot!

  13. Hello Ate Cecille, unfortunately there's no pic coz i got excited to eat and forgot to take any pics lol..

    thanks for addin me..


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