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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my MEN!

I took this picture of my MEN months ago. Our son is very serious while hubby is very jolly in this snap. he love doing the chucky cheese face though like this hehehe.. But anyhow, I am trying to wean my son from nursing from me but he really does not want to give it up yet. I don't have many ideas on how I would be able to do this without him freaking out. In two weeks, EJ will be two years old already. Man, time flies so fast!


  1. hhahahha! kakaloka tong si brown eyes! love this looks sistah...hahhaha..kakatawa! Is he really? wow, san ang handaan? punta kami...hehhehe...:) Wala akong ma suggest jan sistah kasi never breastfeed that long eh..good luck nalang! am sure you can handle it...:)

  2. Actually hazel eyes tong binata ko hehehe.. OO sa January 15 di kami magpapaparty kasi nakakapagod, kakain na lang kami sa labas hehehe...

  3. Rose, blue or gray ba tong mata color sa anak mong lalaki? Handsome boy!

  4. whoa..oh di bonga..hazel eyes pala tong ulitawo nato....hehehe! hahahha..tinatamad ang lola na nalng sakin...:)

  5. happy birthday, EJ, he looks funny here, but anyway, have a friend who has her son nursed until he was almost three! no idea how she stopped him..


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