Thursday, November 27, 2008

sooooo sleepy

okay I am ready to collapse, it is 12:52 midnight here . I just got done cleaning the kitchen.. Whew, that's the hard part of hosting a party,... clean up time... Oh well, its worth it, our guest had a good time and so are we. So no bloghopping for tonight friends, but thank you for all of you who visited me today. May God bless you all always. Good night and happy thanksgiving once again!


  1. Hi Rose, happy thanksgiving to you and everyone at home.
    Have a good rest, be seeing ya, Lee.

  2. Hi lee, thanks for visiting and greetings..

  3. Greetings from England.I have added myself to your followers.
    Regards from

  4. well done, Rose, glad to hear everything went well with the thanksgiving dinner :-) happy thanksgiving...belated :-)

  5. hello sistah..miss yah a too am so so so exhausted from yesterday's holiday....OMG, I am so tired like really really tired....hhehhe...I am glad that hubby did all the cleaning last night...I was not able to open the computer now I am ready to get back and take more actions...hehehe...miss yah manang ko! au-au


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