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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Break Time

I'm just taking a break from the chores in the kitchen hehehe. Hubby is still busy with the Gobbler King, I am done with my task (Lasagna and Pancit). He did all the desserts (Brownies, fruit salad and pumpkin pie), baked the ham, made the green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing and now he is putting the turkey in the oven.... Whoa, I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband like my luvvyduvvyhubby turkey butt lol.. I love you HON! Here are some of the dishes that are ready to munch! First stop is the dessert galore... The mighty brownie...

the famous pumpkin pie

creamyyummy fruit salad

the yakisoba pancit... pangpahaba ng buhay

lasagna ... ready for baking

the spiral glazed ham...

Okay everyone, that's it for now, wasn't able o take photos of the others.. You are all invited to join in our celebration.. Thanks for dropping by and appreciate your comments!


  1. wow! yummy! SARAPPPP nmn, kayo lang nagluto,,,yummy! makikikakan tlga ako,hehehehehehe! enjoy d day kabayan! regards to your hubby and your lil' angels...! take care owiz!

  2. Waaah.. I love the creamy fruity salad mo Rose.... Im drooling right now looking at your food.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    BTW, pls read my post about the Modus Operandi ng Taxi..if u hv time :)
    PS dont eat to much super dami pagkain nyo, marami bang visitor? hahha

  3. tibayon si juan!!!!blessing an saimo mads......tadaan mo ako kan salad...
    agom ko restaurant lng aram kaunan waaaaaaaahh

  4. My goodness, lots of sweet recipes there, don't get too fat, there si Christmas in four weeks time, leave a little space.

  5. Thanks Sun, we enjoyed the day indeed hehehe.. Mwah, dalhan na lang kita ng left O's hehehe

  6. Hahaha, happy thanksgiving too Umma. Don't worry mrunong ako magdiet lol.. Yeah, I'll be there in your house...

  7. Hahaha tukduan mo ngani Mads hehehe... Eu, I am so blessed with a loving hubby...

  8. Hi Borneo, am trying hard to be good in cooking hehehehe.. Thanks!

  9. Yeah Martin, my husband has a sweet tooth so, sweets ar5e always present during parties....

  10. sarap ng niluto nyo. looks yummy. galing talaga ni misis, may maraming alam sa kusina hehe.

    sorry for not visiting you more often these past few days, I was busy and couldn't bloghop.
    Di nga ako naka sulat ng new entry. bawiin ko nalang next tym.

    pasensya na..
    take care

  11. ang sarap naman 'yan Rose, how are you? been a long time we don't hear each other advance Merry Christmas to you and God bless.

  12. wow! you both cook very well. nakakagutom just by looking at the picture! YUMMY!

  13. Hi Rose

    Wow yummy yummy i guess if i am there... i can't stop eating lol. I love sweets.

    thanks for visiting my site.

  14. wow super sarap ng mga handa nyo ha! i'm sure you had a great time...

  15. ang sasarap naman ng mga pagkain, love the pancit and fruit salad :-)

  16. i'm a food lover and i liked them all! such a drawling foods you have!

  17. looks good....what is the yakisoba pancit... pangpahaba ng buhay looks it? Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! :)


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