Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Soccer Star

Here are some of the pictures of our daughter and the other kids when they had their first practice at the ball field. I am so proud with Rylie because she really listened to the coach when he was giving them instructions. I found it odd and funny that most of the boys were hugging on to their mom/dad and didn't want to participate. My daughter just ran on the ball field as if she had been doing it for a long time. She actually did very good in kicking the ball. Tomorrow will be her next practice. We missed the last one because we didn't know they had it on Wednesdays too, we thought its only on Mondays. My son was protesting because he wanted to participate too but he's too little, he was running around grabbing the ball, we had a blast!
Rylie was observing everybody before she jumped in.

Here's Rylie getting ready for her turn to kick....
Here she was aiming for the goal.. GO anak, you can do it!

Do you see the lil' boy who doesn't wanna let go of his Mom (bottom pic) and the other boy sitting behind his dad (top pic)? Thais Marie and Rylie in action!

Here's my Son EJ in action too.. Since he can't have the ball, he just grab the cone lol!

I'm so proud of you Rylie, go for it!
My heart is filled with so much love and joy watching my kids grow up but at the same time scared that one day the will move out and start their own lives.... Hayyyyy emote!


  1. hahahha....thanks for the comment sis..nako,di ko nga alam kung anong gagawin ko sa court room...hahahha!
    Btw,dropped your EC..can't believe she's playing now! how cute..hahhaha..yung cone it looks bigger than must be a proud parent!...sige sis!

  2. wow ... how nice and happy to see our children playing :)

    yes sis, andrew's my son :)
    thanks you so much for the praying

    hug and love,from me and andrew

  3. wow! Rylie is nice..cute naman po! wahehehe! kick it kid!!!

  4. hi rose, may tanong ako ano ba ang picture nang ec card mo hindi ko kasi makita or alam.

  5. It's fun to watch kids playing Soccer. Our two grand kids are into soccer also.. We watched them play last Saturday.

  6. Hi Rose, gosh, you got a Beckham in the family. She is sooooo cute. I love the pic of her looking at the ball and as if daring anyone try get it from her.
    Can't help smiling see you boy grabbing that cone, ha ha.
    Rose, you have beautiful kids...and your daughter has her mom's attractive looks too, ahemmm. Lee.

  7. ^_^Hi demcy, my son enjoyed it too, even if he was frustrated that he can't play with the other kids.

    ^_^Yes sis Lauren, I felt like I was the one playing while watching my daughter play..

    ^_^Hi Sunny, go get married na kasi so you'll have cute lil' ones na rin.

    ^_^Hi Julz, Part ng Phil Flag yung design ng ec card ko... ewan ko ba, dunno how to adjust the pic hehehe

    ^_^Thanks for dropping by Cely, yup nakakaenjoy nga.

    ^_^Thanks Lee, yeah she was so serious during the entire practice and I am so proud of her. My son was running around grabbing the ball and cone because of frustration lol..

  8. it's fun to watch them playing the ball at their very young age, sis...hehehe...

    thanks for visiting my food blog!

  9. Ang cute nila. Much better than watching the adults play. hehehe!

  10. hi thanks for the comment. diko alam na andon pala ako. hehhehe. anyway, u got a cute little girl.

  11. ^_^ You're welcome sister idealpinkrose, love your recipes there that's why.. plus my eyes are full whenever i visit there lol...

    ^_^Thanks Gem, you're right watching kids play definitely has thrill to it and too much fun..

    ^_^Hi Joy, thank you! Yup, i saw ur blog there and said WOW!

  12. soooo cute! Believe talaga ako sau rose...mana sau daughter mo hahahaha

  13. Salamat Malou, sana nga magmana sakin para mabait wahahaha..

  14. I agree with you Mads Faye because I dunno how to play soccer lol!


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