Monday, September 15, 2008


The Koreans are celebrating Chusok today. This is celebrated on the 15th day of the eight lunar month (in Sptemeber or October). it is a day set aside to honour deceased ancestors to in a ceremony called Charye, to thank them for good harvest. Like Lunar new year, it involves tens of millions of people travelling to their hometowns to tend graves and offer a feast.
This celebration is kinda like a combination of United States Thanksgiving and All Souls Day in the Philippines. They celebrate the two occasions in one . This is one of the most important holidays in Korean because families gather together. The Koreans at our work were off duty today that's why I worked from 2 to 7 pm. My Korean friend Mindy gave me a present for Chusok.. I also received a cute souvenier from my Thai friend Voa (shown on the pic..) Thanks guys!
Haeng bok Chusok! (Happy Thanksgiving)


  1. Happy Chusok, is it right to say happy Chusok or silent chusok?waheheheh!hope u had a good day chubskulit....miss ur posts...before dame eh,waheheheh! Gudluck to your work rin...kwento k nmn sa work mo bilang isang teacher...take care!

  2. hello sunny, medyo nagbibisi busihan nga kaya medyo madalang na ang post. Mahirap pala maging teacher lalo na pag di agad nakukuha ng student tinuturo mo kalokah hahaha..

  3. wahehehhee! ano chubs meron n lesson plan? wahehheeh! mukhang mahirap nga,lol lalo't n me language barrier...pero nice yan...noble profession sabe nga! ingat pirmi!

  4. Thanks Kabayang Sunny, hirap nga doble effort ginagawa ko so she'll understand me.. Because the way the sentence order here in Korea is messed up, i mean verbs go at the end of the sentence and don't change according to the subject.. Kalokah really..

  5. hhaha sori po ta inot ko lng na pagkabasa paghuna ko happy tusok! heehhe have a nice day madz


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