Monday, July 14, 2008

three generations of Cottrill clan

Dad Pooch ~~~~~~~~Luvvy John ~~~~~~~~~ Our Chubs EJ Here are the faces of three generations, my father-in-law, my husband and my son. Don't they look alike? Three angles taken but they shared the same profile.. What do you think? The two of them served honorably in the military, one in World War II and one is still on active duty. We would be honored if our son will join the service too when he grows up, but of course its up to him... and whatever it is, we will support him all the way!


  1. wow,,nice picture,,,,keep a copy for it mads for the next 4th

  2. Great Family, nice to see they are service for their country .

  3. magkakamukha kidding

  4. yay!

    oo nga, halos walang pagka-iba

    esp yung hubby mo at yung anak niyo...

    feeling ko magiging anak ng anak mo, kamukha mo na... haha LOL

  5. Wow they do look alike each other!!!


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