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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am Blessed

I am BleSSed because ... 
I am breathing right now, 
I can hear the birds chirping, 
I can see the butterflies dancing, 
and I am capable to express my feelings in blogging... 

  I am BleSSed because... 
I have food to eat everyday, 
I have water to drink, 
I have clothes to wear, 
and I have a bed to sleep with when I want to rest... 

  I am BleSSed because... 
I have friends to talk to, 
I have a family who loves me, 
I have a kind-hearted-loving in-laws, 
and I have the best honey and cuties in the world! 

  And for these BleSSings...
I thank the Lord for loving me 
I thank HIM for forgiving my sins, 
I thank HIM for giving me strength everyday, 
And above all, I thank HIM for giving me LIFE!


  1. AMEN!! wowwwwwwww ,,,hehehe yourself,,,,

  2. yup, sometimes my poetic side comes out when I am solemnly thinking about things hehehe..


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