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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tea Party

There is a man who love tea so much that he consume so many glasses of iced tea everyday.. So when he got married, his wife always brew him a pitcher of tea every other day. His love of tea is now acquired by his kids. Their daughter always host a tea party everyday with her favorite guest.
Here's the guest enjoying his cup of tea. So here you go folks, the tea lovers! Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. this is cute sis...hehhehe...what a lovely story...:)

    musta naman manang ko...have missed yah...:) will blog hop bukas na...:)

    nag out of town pala kami...we attended hubby's friend;s wedding today...kakadating lang namin from the was a tiring day...:)

    Bukas na kami uwi kasi lakwatsa kami dito bukas...bukas na rin ako blog hop...bagal kasi wifi dito sa hotel..kainis...:)

    just dropping by to say hello...ingat po!

  2. i rarely know of kids who loves tea. so for the cute little tea lovers! here goes my applause!

  3. wow! what a beautiful offspring u have mommy rose.. cute nmn.. its nice to be here. :)

  4. hahahaha! tara let's have a cup of tea! esp peppermint! very relaxing! nakaktuwa tlga kids mo kabayan!

  5. hahahaha! tara let's have a cup of tea! esp peppermint! very relaxing! nakaktuwa tlga kids mo kabayan!

  6. Makiki tea party na rin ako sa kanila! Yung akin pakilagyan ng calamansi. hehehe!

  7. Hello hello..
    Nice kids ^_^ really cute! I wanna have a cup of tea too, dear.. LOL

    Btw, added you too : Rose's Obstacles & Glories. Become your follower too, dear..

    Thanks a lot for being my friend!

  8. Hi Rose, thanks for visiting my blogsite through Mel's Blog. I really appreciate the time. You have a very cute children. I wish I can have more but unfortunately I cant anymore. But I am thankful God have given two wonderful twins. They are 11 years old now.
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  9. Uy! Dalaga na ang anak mo Rose! Parang kailan lang, we see here online how the baby is slowly turnig into a lady oh!

  10. I always get a natural high whenever I see the photos of your adorable kids. Your photos never fail to make my day. They are probably the world's loveliest and cutest tea drinkers. God bless you and your family always and may the good Lord always shower you and your family with all the blessings in heaven. Thanks for the post. God bless you always. BTW, can you cook authentic laing and Bicol Express? Just asking.

  11. hi sis! great pics....please visit The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk for more info on oDesk. sign up ka na rin for the referral incentive ha!

  12. oi tlaga?? daig ako ng mga kids mo.. i never liked tea.. u have to tell me what brand is that mukang masarap i will try that..

    visit my blog tom ha! where are u nga pla?? MIA ka ata :)

  13. ang cute ng mga chikiting. sarap talaga maging bata...maglarolaro ^_^


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