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Monday, June 1, 2009

Friday Feveh

We went to other city (Daegu) yesterday to alter the monotony of our life here in the base hehehe. It was hot yesterday so my beast friend, migraine attacked me again so I wasn't able to enjoy our trip. That is why, there's no picture but this rocket that I snapped while hubby was driving home. This is in Masan City.
Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. Ang tulis naman ng rocket na yan!heheeh! But it looks so cool!

  2. LOL Looks like its gonna fly! LOL

  3. wow the picture look so nice, the rocket is so pointed and quite amazing...

  4. my dad was on Luzon when he served as a sargeant in the army...i've always wanted to visit there.
    your pictures on your previous post were great...
    and your kids are adorable

  5. wow nice photo..ganda ng pagka shot...nice rocket huh.^_^

  6. Yup its pretty Anney, that's why even if i had a migraine I forced myself to take a snapshot of that one hehhe.

  7. I just hope that North Korea wont point their rockets on us.. Thanks Anne!

  8. Hi skoots1mom, thanks for sharing about your dad.. my father in law was in visayan region during his term in the army..


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