Monday, June 1, 2009

The benifits of breast feeding and the cost savings of store brand formula

When delivered our first born in the hospital, they gave us formula as a temporary supplement because I did not have breast milk yet. Then the lactating nurse gave me a 101 lesson on how to properly nurse and all that stuff that I need to learn. My breast milk came earlier than expected so I was nursing and at the same time giving our daughter the formula. When She was 2 months old, she got allergic to the milk we were giving her so we switched to Parent's Choice Infant Formula as suggested by her pediatrician. We liked it because it was much cheaper. By the time she was 3 months old, she refused to drink formula anymore so I had to fed her with breast milk alone. Although she refused, I weaned her when she was 18 months old because of our son's arrival.
My son on the other hand rejected the formula, he only wanted Mama's milk which he loved until he was a little over two years old. I believe that breast milk is a natural immune system for the children because my two little ones seldom got sick. They did not experience any ear infection which is very common to kids of their ages. But for those who choose to feed their babies with formula, I strongly recommend the Parent's Choice Infant Formula because it is cheaper and the benefits that you will get is the same as the ones in the expensive ones. You can can use online baby formula savings calculators to see how much you can save for buying the store brand formula versus the expensive ones. Just click the link above and calculate your expenditures and see how much money you can save.


  1. breastfeeding sure save alot money coz no need buy fomula

  2. Hi.. came over from SS.. loved this post and of course, breast feeding is best for babies. My elder sne was breastfed for about 3 years! and the younger(daughter) isn't 3 yet but... shes still breastfeeding!!! haha.. anyway, bother are hardy as ever :-)

    Nice to visit here.. have fun with your family and kids :-)


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