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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We're Back!

We came home from our hiking trip yesterday but I wasn't able to blog or do anything in the computer because I am so occupied with worries for my Mother. She's confined in the hospital and its killing me that I can't be there for her. I thank everyone who keep coming back to visit my blog! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! Okay guys this is it for now, will update you about our trip next time, when I'm stress free I guess.


  1. sis, I'm very sorry about your mom ..
    hope she will get well soon :(
    and she's on the top list of our (andrew and I)prayer ..

    GBY sis .. don't worry ,pls .. God will make a way ..:)

  2. am glad you guys are back; hope you enjoyed yout trip. i know how you feel rose, i just hope your mother will get better soon; last month my mother was hospitalized also and i felt what you are feeling right now, my prayers are with you.hopping she'll get better soon...

  3. wow! finally you both are back!

    i missed you :-)

    anyway, I read all your posts in your bravejournal

    wow. ate rose, I admire you for that... lahat ng hirap tiniis mo

    kaya God is blessing you know

  4. good to know your back sistah..miss to hear from you! too..can't stand watching that glad you guys are was the trek? can't wait to read the details..hehhe..ingat..drop the EC

  5. kaya mo an mads!
    dont worry much...

  6. visiting here...see you around ;-)

  7. Thanks a lot sis lauren, I really need prayers from friends...

  8. Yes Ate Cecille, its so hard when you're so fAr with your love ones. Its driving me crazy, I can't even sleep good!

  9. Thanks Peachy! I believe in saying "No Guts, No Glory" and "Pag May Tiyaga, May Nilaga" and I'm so glad I did sick with my goals!

  10. Hi Demcy, thanks for the EC.. Can't find time to post about thetrip yet, been busy since we arrived.

  11. Thanks a Lot Mads Fe abd Malou, hope I would be able to see Mama soon.. This is making me so worried..

  12. Prayers rose!!!
    btw, welcome back!!!

  13. Thanks a lot Sunny, needed that!

  14. Not good news. Sorry about your mom. I hope she gets okay. At least you'll be there for her.

    We understand. You said this. See you soon.


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