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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nature Trek

Okay, I am quickly posting this short note to let you know guys that I'm not gonna be able to visit you for a couple of days due to our mother nature trip as part of our wedding anniversary celebration. We'll be back by Monday, hopefully I can bloghop hehehe..


  1. I was here, Rose! How are you?

    Add my other blog naman, if you don't mind.

    Sharz1 -

    Sharz2 -

    Salamat! :-)

  2. hi Rose! Happy Anniversary, and i wish both of you the best of everything in life, God bless your family always.

  3. Happy anniv po! wish u d best in life.....

  4. Wow! Thanks for the announcement.

    I hope you'll share some pictures of your celebration.. uhmm.. I mean pictures of the nature trip of course.

    Take care.

  5. Hello Sharz, thanks for coming up again.. I thought you already retired from blogging hehehe.. Sure, added it already!

  6. oiiiii Sunny bakit naging period na lang yung name mo hehehe.. Salamat!

  7. Hi Gem, I sure will share with you the outcome of our trip.. Thank you!

  8. happy anniversary sista ....
    GBy and fam

  9. hapy anniversary Rosy n Johnny! Wow. exciting trek ...

  10. I just read your love story Rosie.. wow that is something.. you make me miss someone who is in Milan now.. but anyway, he'll be in holland too very soon... ^^

  11. Happy Anniversary! kaya pala di na tau nagusap dahil very busy ka sa love life mo hehehe

  12. hi rose, kumusta? paki visit sa blog ko duon sa isa at saka leave mo yung url nang hubby mo kasi na erase lahat nang link ko. ok. salamat happy anniversary!

  13. g you and your blog :-) dropped my ec here, too! have a nice day!

  14. Happy Anniversary to the lovely couple :) Wishing you more babies. hehehe joke.

  15. God bless the Queen!happy!

    This is the end, beautiful friend
    this is the end, my only friend, the end,
    I'll never look into your eyes again...

    Jim Morrison (The Doors)



  16. Happy Anniversary to you. May God always bless your family.

  17. Nice Info..TQ from

  18. Rose visiting even though you are busy celebrating your anniversary :-) have a very best anniversary every year :-) ingat kayo!

  19. ^_^Thanks Sistah Lauren!

    ^_^Hello Webbiegurl and Rogue, thanks! Don't worry, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    ^_^Hi Julz, Thanks for visiting.. Will visit you as soon as possible..

    ^_^Amo baga Lou, ika ngani pirmi man busy hehehe.. salamat!

    ^_^Thanks Ate Cecille and A. Amy!

  20. ^_^Hi marly, kaso di na pwede magbaby hehehe .. Two is enough! Thanks!

    ^_^Hi Rosa, thanks for dropping by!

    ^_^Thanks a lot love ely and MLT!

    Thank you so much everyone for the kind words and wishes, may God bless you all!


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