Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank you God!

I have a lot of things to be thanked for today! First and foremost, my mother is going out at the hospital tomorrow - thank you so much for all those who prayed with us, may God bless your good hearts! Although she still have to maintain meds at home, I felt relieve knowing that she's out of danger. Then I got assignments, thanks for my sponsors! God always works in a very mysterious way and HE is always there when I needed Him so much!


  1. God is good all the time sistah...good to hear your mom is alright...more blessing to come..hehhe..naka 3 agad....good job!

  2. Oo nga, God really is there whenever I needed HIM the most!

  3. good to hear that your mother is doing well and is home now. yes, God is good and He will never leave us; He hears and answers our prayers!

  4. thanks, i will try to fix it that way...don't know if i can fix the date...but, i will try..thanks really help me a are a blessing from God.


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