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Monday, July 14, 2008

more bday presents

My daughter got a package from her dear Aunt in the States. She was screaming with joy while opening the box. She said that her late birthday present is awesome (lots of Dora items). She also got a present from a korean friend last Sunday at church. My son was so excited too , he got a car and a ball.. his passion!

Thank you Titas' Chris and Gail for making my kids so happy today. Kumapsumnida Ms. Mia!


  1. nice gifts ..with ms dora..

  2. haha... the kids are so cute


    the pictures show that your little girl was so happy...

  3. my God..
    u have a
    nice family

    my God..
    u have a
    nice blog

    my God..
    u have amazing words
    in every sentences u write

  4. You must be a very proud mother judging judging the pictures you posted. :)

  5. nice posts rose i love the pictures..

  6. Hello Rose,
    My first time commenting here hehe. Thanks for leaving message to my blog.The kids looks happy with their presents
    By the way I already added you to my list. I am sure I will check your blog everytime I check mine ..
    keep safe!!!!!you are very welcome to visit my blog anytime :-)

  7. thanks guys for the very nice comments, i'm so grateful that you are sharing your precious time reading my posts!


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