Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I usually sleep late and last night was one of them. When I came into our room, my husband woke up and;
  hubby: where's the boy?
  me: what??? boy who?
  hubby: the boy that's in here, what's his name?
  me: I don't know, there's no boy here..
  hubby: I don't want him staying late.
  me: are you dreaming?

 And my husband just rolled over and went back to sleep.. I find it funny so I laughed silently^_^ ... I asked him this morning about it and he said that he don't remember saying those words... hmmmmmnnn.. ^_^..


  1. Haha.. are u believe in "things" other dimension?:)

  2. dats good that he look only for a boy name..
    lol...Achtung john... next time dont look for girls name.. or else u sleep outside kulambo.

  3. Think your hubby was dreaming hehe

  4. hehehehe! some people are that way when sleeping. my cousins even do sleepwalking. nakakabaliw!


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