Thursday, June 2, 2016

Farm Surrounding

Foing to the  Amish community last year was a great short  spontaneous road trip that my family did.  The kids have enjoyed a  different sorrounding like houses in the mi-ddle of farms.  We visited this really old  Amish house and there was a cn old couple who  were  explaininlg things to the  visitors.  IT was a really neat experience for us.
Before going in, we had to take pictures because  you can't really tell a good story without a back up photos right?  Hehehe.  Seriously, we just want to document our  unique experience.
My hair is a little short on these photos.   I haven't cut it since then.
These two were super thrilled to see farming tools that  were like used in  medieval years lol.
It's pretty impressive how  they transferred this house  from one place to another  without destroying it.

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