Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let Us Play and Have Fun

Ola  friends, how's life at your end.  It is now 12:22  and I am still up trying to  finish up online commitments as I don't have time to blog tomorrow.  I will be extremely busy so I  before I go to bed tonight, I would like to finish everything.  My daughter has a field trip tomorrow so hubby took a day off, he also scheduled the car for maintenance service.  Then we also have to   claim the  plates that the kids painted last month then when our daughter comes back, we are going to the dentist, whew!  What a schedule!  I am glad that my daughter has  the field trip, it will give her time to   be away from school for a while.  I just wish that my son   is in the gifted program too so he could also go.  Being in school 5 days a week surely wear them out so I am glad that  they get to go out sometimes.  MY daughter is going with her  classmate who is also in the gifted program.

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