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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Piñata  is one of the popular activity being done in kids parties.  The excitement of breaking  the  piñata in order to   get the  candies inside it makes it  a fun challenge for  the children.  The collage of photos were taken  during  a birthday party of one of my son's classmate.  This was held in Hanover Park, PA and the them of the  party was Pirate.  

Shadow Shots


  1. how fun! that is true...very common talaga yan atin yung palayok lang...ehehhe!

  2. Great photos... It's like the kids had so much fun!

  3. Shadows are great! My only participation in a pinata scramble as a child was a disappointment, emerging with nothing. But I now see the thrill of the challenge is most of the fun!

  4. A fun games for kids. I bet kids went home with lots of candies :)

  5. What a wonderful collage of pictures of such a fun time. Hope you have it printed out and hanging on the wll. My son sent me a grouping similar to this and I love it. So many little things to look at. genie

  6. I remember when I was little sa Pinas mommy we would use the Clay Pot and filled it with candies and coins. hehehe.. How fun! Such fun birthday party photos.


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