Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Car Rental During our Vacation Orlando Florida.

Two years ago, we had  a grand time exploring Disney World.

Our vacation package deal includes a car, a hotel  accommodation, and  plane tickets.  During our first day, we decided to ride  a bus going to Disney and that was a big mistake because we ended up  hiring a taxi to take us  back to the hotel.

We learned our lessons so the  succeeding days, we just drove our rented car.  


  1. At kasama pala si Akeshsa Disney Tour na ito... Hehehe I am everyone enjoyed it.

  2. Yup, I guess renting out a car is a better option because if you take public transpo coming from a crowded amusement park such as Disney, you'll have a hard time getting transportation.

    At least with a rented car, you can drive to and from the place without any worries of running after public transpo and queueing for a ride home.


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