Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dietary Management for Health Disorders

Unfortunately,  all dogs get sick at various stages in their life. Often this is unavoidable and sometimes the disorders can be age related. The good news is that dietary management can help to control many conditions by the inclusion or exclusion of specific ingredients to promote good health.

When dogs are recovering from an illness they often have no appetite and have lost many essential nutrients, therefore the Purina CN diet is great for helping your dog to get his appetite back as the highly palatable formula is hard to resist. The diet also helps to restore the nutrients that were lost but what the body needs for recovery. Feeding your dog this diet will help them to get back to their normal self in no time.

Purina DRM is a diet specially formulated for dogs who suffer from dermatosis, excessive hair loss, atopic dermatitis and flea bite allergy dermatitis. All of these conditions are surprisingly common in dogs and can be very irritating. They can also be very painful and therefore it is important that they are treated appropriately.

The Purina JM diet provides nutritional support for dogs who suffer from mobility problems. The formula helps to support the joints to provide more comfort for your dog during movement and is suitable for puppies, adult and senior dogs. This diet may also be suitable for your dog if they are involved frequently in strenuous exercise as the diet will provide support for the joints and can help to prevent damage caused by repetitive strain.

Both the DRM and JM diets also have treats available made with the same formula to provide further support for your dog.

All of these diets must be prescribed by your vet so if you believe one of these diets may help to improve your dog’s condition then speak to your vet to discuss your options to ensure you are providing the best care for your dog.

If you are going to change your dog’s food you should ideally introduce the new food over a period of seven to ten days to allow your dog to become accustomed to the smell, taste and texture. This will also help to prevent digestive upset.


  1. Dogs too needs a very special diet to keep them healthy. This is also good for those dogs that's suffering from illness. Thanks, for sharing this to us, Rose. I'm sure dog lovers out there will benefit from this post.

  2. Our 10 yr old dog Sophie is having mobility problem this time and I am always worried because she eats a lot and becoming big and heavy. We use Purina for them but haven't seen this Purina JM on the isle. I will look for it and hope it might help our sweet Sophie.

  3. Like humans, our canine pals require proper nutrients to keep them healthy especially when they're aged. My Millie is in diet as the vet requested to slim her down a bit. She's over-weight for a nine year-old dog so we keep her food intake in check.

    I haven't seen any purina here in Dubai yet or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. My Millie likes Royal Canin.

  4. We have 2 dogs at home, but thank God, both are still healthy! Makakatulong talaga ang information na 'to dun sa mga may alagang aso na may karamdaman..

  5. When pets, esp. dogs get sick, I bet it is a challenging time for the pet owners. It helps that there are vets who can rescue pets from sickness, hanggat kaya! :)

  6. Next time na magkaroon ng flea bite allergy dermatitis, bibgyan ko ng Piruna JM diet. Saka oldie na rin siya (12 years old na) so he needs all the supplements he can have.

  7. great info. i miss our old dog na tulog.. i named him kiba after an anime character and he moves just like the character lol.

    thanks for sharing, this'll sure help us in the future with our dogs. :)

  8. We had dogs before and some of died because of illness if I have known Purina before I may have suggested it to my sisters.

  9. we have several dogs at home and oftentimes when they get sick I do not know how to deal with it...thank you for this post...will check out Purina in a little while...the hubby and the kiddos adore our pets so much and eating time for them is such a big deal each time...life is never that great for us without the sound of dog's barking...they are family to us :)have a blessed weekend....


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