Monday, September 17, 2012

Biking Fun

One of the  outdoor  activity that we all  enjoy this summer is bike riding.  The kids are big enough to  go bike riding with us so hubby and I  decided to  buy each of us a bicycle.  Of the four of us, my son  is the one that ride  his bike the most that is why  his  bike tires are already worn out.  Hubby  looked at the   online bicycle store,  Reid Cycle.  They have  a  great selection of high end bicycles  for men and women.  

My husband wanted to see if he could find any parts that   we can use for our son's bike but we come to a conclusion that  it would be better to just get a him a new bike.  For now, he could still use the bike that he has.  Summer is going to be over  soon anyway so we will just buy him a new one next year.  Anyhow, if you are looking for a  bike that is durable and high quality, check out the website I have mentioned above.  You can visit it by clicking the link I have provided in this article.  Their selection includes road bikes, flat bar road bikes, single speed bikes, vintage ladies bikes, accessories and parts.  

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