Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Volleyball and Badminton Set

Remember the new badminton set that I bought at a yard sale for $5? Hubby and I set it up at our backyard and the kids love it.
The little wants to play volleyball while the little Miss wants to play badminton.  We have to alternate playing the two so everyone is happy.
The shuttlecocks  got stock on top of the crab apple tree.  I shook the branch but the shuttlecock did not fell so I climbed to get it.
We play with it every day.  The only problem we have is our pup who love to chew the strings that  keeping the posts up.
Having a decent yard is great especially if you have kids and  pets.

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  1. wow! i'm envious at ur weather there. look at that very clear sky. No wonder the burritos are enjoying soaking and playing under that pretty pretty weather.
    ur two lovelies are really hyper active :)
    did they ever get tired?


  2. Fun and playing times! I can't climb any tree :D


  3. you've got super adorable kids...

    this is a nice way of bonding with kids talaga.. and it teaches them how to enjoy sports.. :)
    Cheers :)


    Everything Etcetera

  4. Kids spending the energy on an outer game on a clear, blue day! Thats wonderful!

  5. Nice to see kids playing outside. You are very agile climbing the tree.

  6. That looks like fun, I remember playing badminton growing up.

  7. You have a nice big back yard for badminton and other active games. You are a great mom to climb up in the tree to fetch the shuttlecock! I hope your kids appreciated that! Your kids are so cute.

  8. Ang ganda nang yard mo Mommy Rose. Feeling ko na miss mo yung time na kahit saan lang tayo aakyat nang puno. ^_^ Na miss ko yun! Looks like th two had a great time playing! ^_^ Thank sa bisita!

  9. You have a very pretty yard! I love playing badminton and it looks like your family has a lot of fun! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment! Have a wonderful night!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  10. You are too cute up in that tree! I remember playing badminton when I was a kid. Fun!

  11. Fun, happy shadow shots for the day!! Thanks for sharing the fun with us!! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Such a great buy, The family had the fun:)

    Visiting from Pink Saturday-thank's for the visit:)


  13. Love to see you guys, enjoying the sunny days.

    Missed several times visiting and joining our party.

    Happy Sunday YÁll.


  14. this is such a great activity for the kids to enjoy under the sunny sky

    CC hop - mine is here

  15. Fun game to play especially with all those shadows to cool off with!

  16. Oh how fun! I used to love to play badminton....Christine

  17. It's a good thing you are young and agile....I couldn't climb that tree!!!

    Nice yard and home.

    My MYM is at:


  18. Badminton was always a popular garden sport with our children as well.

  19. What a great way for the entire family to participate and have fun.

  20. What a cute post!! I love keeping up with your family and all the fun things you do!! :)

  21. i noticed that their skin are tan, must be playing a lot of times outside. how cool is that. :D visiting from blue monday sis. late visit again. huhay..


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