Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My sister in law, Chris, built this swing for Ms. Burrito when she was a baby.  
It has a stand but I decided to put it on our back porch since it was just sitting in our basement unused.
Now it is their favorite thing to unwind when they get tired of running around the backyard and just want to breath fresh air.
Mr. Burrito said, it's very relaxing to just swing while  drinking his milk hehehe.
I removed all the junk that has piled up in our porch so we could use the space for relaxation.
Put a little bit of accent in it too.  We  are planning to  find a  small set of table and chair  or a coffee table set that we can sit in when  having a siesta  or coffee break.
Now that  warm days is in full force, our back porch is a nice place to UNWIND  when we are at home.


  1. What a wonderful place to sit, read, or just relax.

  2. wow, sarap ng higa ni Mr. BUrrito heheh... and very colorful din tlaga...





    hope you can visit back;)

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. A lovely spot for the little ones to unwind.

  4. a charming UNWINDING place
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. We have a porch swing and my grandkids, along with the neighbor kids, love it.

    An Arkies Musings

  6. What a wonderful place your porch is already!
    We have a lawn swing, but we haven't put the cushions on yet because the weather isn't very good, but our granddaughter came over and was swinging on it anyway. She loves it.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. I like the swing:-) My favorite place to unwind during summer time is our patio. Here, I can relax watching the birds feeding their babies:-)

    MY ORANGE TUESDAY HERE hope you can visit:-)

  8. I always love to sit outside and just enjoy the warmth of the day.

    My Wednesday Whites

  9. Nyahahaha, feeling ni EJ baby pa sya...pero cute..

  10. Nice! I love staying in our patios too, front or back. Lalo na now na maganda na ang weather. More often than not, sa patio kami nagdi-dinner. :)

    I love the swing. Parang ang ganda ring maglagay here. ;)

  11. cute nman ng swing na yan, saka un quilted mat?, very colorful. i see some great pieces, esp the lucky bamboos. loved them:)


  12. Nakakatuwa naman si EJ habang umiinom nang gatas niya sa swing. Para siyang baby, hehehe. Maganda nga na may swing kayo sa porch ninyo para pahingahan nang mga bata kapag napagod na sa paglalaro. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. Very nice sis! Your porch looks inviting and cozy.

    Ako, wala akong gana in decorating our house because it's not even ours. We're still just renting. I just make sure that it is clean.

    I guess things will change once we have our own house. Mas gaganahan siguro akong mag decorate. :D

  14. weeeehhh.. so nice.. oo nga pati matanda diyan... sarap sa tulog.. for sure... was here to Rose.

  15. very comfy ah....makaupo nga dyan.eheheh visiting you back:-)

  16. What a comfy looking place. I think I would like to hang out there too!

  17. So inviting! I would love to have a swing!

  18. ang ganda naman nyan sis.. gusto ko matulog dyan..

    Visiting from Orange Tuesday
    Hope you can come and visit my Oranges: Play Gym and Magic Flakes. Thanks!

  19. Looks so relaxing nga Ate Rose, very homely. Thanks for the grab (links) Ate Rose, I already added your blogs long time ago. ahihihi

  20. Pretty indeed, agree ako dyan have a small coffee table for chitchatting. Good place to have relaxation talaga!Updated my blog na pala, heheh!

  21. Sweet, masarap nga umupo at magkape jan. Ps, sis you can reassemble the rubik's cube. :) -Mirage

  22. relaxing and unwinding talaga ang white swing..sarap ni mr. burito tingnan! hehehe..

    happy WW Mommy Rose! mine is up already!!!

    Fishy Talks | Gagay.MD | Oh Gosh Gulay | Pinoy.MD | Walking News Paper

  23. I've always wanted a porch swing but I don't have a porch or the swing. I love yours. Especially the bright cushions.

  24. wow! i love that swing with those paintings..cute naman sis.. relaxing for mr. burrito. hahaha! parang may mabigat na trabaho no? lol. thanks for sharing your whites this week sis!good to have you!


  25. sarap ng buhay ng mga chikitings! parang gusto ko ring mg relax jan, hehe. Thanks for visiting my site here: http://wellnessandtrends.com/2011/06/ww-nurse/

  26. pretty cool sis...I like it!

  27. used to dream of having a swing like this when i was still a kid, saw it in the movies kasi so i thought it'll be nice and comfy. kaso lang we don't have a porch, nyehehe

    Here's my orange entry by the way, hope you check it out too

  28. Lovely swing you'd got there sis... and ang cucute ng mga bebe mo..

    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay

  29. thanks fro joining mommy!
    love the pillows..

    Visiting from WW..my Wednesday White is up..

  30. andito na naman ako for OT visit naman
    Thanks Mommy for joining my Orange Tuesdays ..see you next round..

  31. Hi! My first time here. I love the swing! so cute and stylish! I also love outdoor rooms. There's a lot of way to create one! If you want more ideas, you can visit my blog site http://www.krizza-homes.com. I have a post about outdoor rooms. Hope u can visit me back.

    By the way, I love your site!

  32. wow. i love that swing and i love the design, too.

    visiting from wednesday whites.


    i hope you will open up your comment box to have name/url option because some of our joiners are using wp blogs. thanks so much!

  33. Ganda naman ng backyard at back porch ninyo badingm napa ka homey and cosy naka decuatro pa si mr. B


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