Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coupon for Flowers

Hey folks good morning!  For the ladies out there, I want to ask this question about flowers.  Whenever you receive flowers do you just let it rot or you do something about it?  I used to freeze them  when I was still in Korea to preserve it but then we have to leave so I have to throw them out.  This time, I dried them out and keep it as a souvenir like the one in the photo.  My husband and kids gave me those flowers during mother's day last year.  

On the other note, if you are planning to buy your lovely wife, mom, or girlfriend a bouquet, check out the flower shop discounts online first before you buy.  Flowers are expensive and so is the delivery fee so if you want to save some amount in buying  flowers, a coupon code or discount code would be a great deal.  


  1. I usually pick young roses in our garden and let it dry between the pages of books then when it is dry I put in my photo album together with my pictures. But to those long stemmed roses which are too big to keep in the book pages, I just put them in the vase with water and somehow plant in a flower pot but too sad it won't grow. :(

  2. pag regular flowers lang...I throw them away...ehhehe...pero pag special occasions...I hang them up side down and spray some hairspray on it...hehehee...astig! lol...:)

  3. hi rose! my husband and I were like 11 years already being BF GF and married, I only received once from him... and that was an artificial! ahahhaha he's funny coz he brought me to a flower shop and made me choose :)) I chose the Yellow artificial flower! and I dunno where it is already....shocks! Funny ayt?
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