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Monday, August 8, 2011

Stormy Sea

Another neat stuff that we saw in Disney World, is the water effect on movies in Hollywood Studio.  They showed us how  actors do some stunts in stormy sea.  
Our angels while we were waiting for the bus to arrive and bring us from the hotel to Hollywood Studio.  We rode the bus  on the first and second day but on the thrid and fourth day, we decided for us to drive.
Here are the Dads, so eager  to led the team to see some magical moments.
Okay guys, it's time to pause and  pose for the mommies hehehe.
Of course the mommies have to have some photos too, lol!
Here are the volunteers from the audience (in blue) who were willing to  be the actors for the  day.
It was cool to see how they make certain  scene in the movies look like real which in  reality, they just use some props and other things.
The stormy sea effect  was terrific but it did not end there, we rode a train after that and they showed us how flood in the movie is being made.  But that is another  post hehehe.
Ahhh Disney World is magical, we would do it again but maybe when the kids are bigger lol.


  1. Thanks for sharing...we are heading down a week from today...from NY...driving...cant wait!

  2. Sound like everyone had a fun fantastic time indeed.

  3. That's great that you're having a fun time! :)

  4. fun fun fun....lots of!

  5. Love your photos Mommy Rose. And I am surprised the kids are willing to walk iba talaga pag friendship ang kasama hehe. I can only imagine all the chicka to the max ever kayo ni Dhemz hehe. Kaya siguro palagi kayong huli sa lakaran? hehe! Disney World is really fun or I would say ang lahat na sa Orlando, Florida been there twice pero parang every year may bago eh, that's why I can't say I am done with Orlando, Florida it's still the place I would love to visit every year. Ang saya kaya doon parang nakawawala nang stress ^_^
    About my lens sa butterfly ko I was able to buy sigma 100-200mm pinakamura ata yun, can't afford the thousandness na mga lenses Mommy Rose paano ang Pinas hehehe. Happy weekdays ahead!

  6. Disney is a great place to have fun with the kids! Wonderful action photos too!

    Thanks for stopping by,

  7. looks like a lot of fun.. maybe we will go some day.. have a great day

  8. Great family photos. I'm sure all of you had a fun time.
    Have a great evening.

    The French Hutch

  9. kailan kaya ako makarating dyan hehehe...ang gaganda nyo hehe

  10. I recently had 8mm home movies of Disney World from the 70s put on to a DVD. The memories . . .

  11. sulit talaga ang bakasyon ninyo mommy rose as in! Mine is here Points of View and Thoughts

  12. lovely pics of you all.. what a wonderful vacation together with awesome friends.. Burritos and Akesha were in big their smiles!

  13. The special effects department of Hollywood is the best in the world. They could churn out a stormy sea effects or a raging flood waters that seem so real. The photos are all fantastic. You had such a perfect bonding with your respective families. I wish there will be a part two of your Disney World visit. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  14. Cute kids!

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  15. Looks so much fun! Happy RT.

    Mine's here.

  16. wow, it's been days.. I had not commented Rose.. last again.. di bale nakapagtour na rin ako sa disney:)

  17. Lots of fun ... sabi nga ni dhemz fun fun fun.. Btw, i just changed the niche of my blog =)

  18. Beautiful photos. Agn saya saya naman lalong lalo na mga cheketing ..hehehe

  19. A magical place indeed.
    Hope I can visit there one day...
    My late visit, Rose

  20. What a cool and educational experience. I bet you all as adults got as much out of it as the children....or more. I would love to have seen the presentation. Disney properties are the best. Loved seeing the family. Genie

  21. wow, it sure was an amazing stunt to movie talaga mukhang totoo no? ang galing

    visiting here from BM and RT:
    my rt

  22. i love the pictures, talaga naman mga daddies ha. yung husband ko may pagka-anti social so usually ako lang ang pumupunta sa mga gatherings or parties but im not complaining mahilig naman maghugas ng pinggan haha.

  23. a moment to remember forever. makes me feel i am already there by looking at those photos.
    visiting you back sis Rose.:-)

  24. ayay! huli na ako sa pila...ehehehe...pagrab nang mga pics....:)


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