Wednesday, January 12, 2011

While Waiting

Mr. C and Ms. Burrito went to my FIL's to see Dad, Tita Chris and them before New Year. Mr. Burrito did not want to go because he did not take nap and was getting ready to go to be, so we stayed.
 While we were waiting for them,  the three of us, Mr. Burrito, Champ, and I took some  pics.
Champ was trying to give me his loving kisses.
Pictures were taken at our kitchen floor.
Mr. Burrito was fast asleep when Mr. C and Ms. Burrito came back.  Have a nice snowy day everyone!


  1. ganda naman ni manay. hindi tumatanda ang beauty :)

  2. Good boy c EJ, nap first before pasyal. Hehe

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun :).

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  4. Wow naman, ang gaganda nang mga kuha mo kasama si EJ at si Champ. Sino ang kumuha nang mga pictures na ito, si John o si Rylie? Pati si Champ ay nakatingin sa iyo. Sobra sigurong nagagandahan sa iyo, lol. Thanks for the fantastic photos. God bless you all always.

  5. Hi Kuya Mel, It was me whose clicking the camera for these pics hehehehe..

  6. so kayo naman ni littl B ang nag bonding with the cam kasama pa si champ hhe

  7. nakapag-bonding and mag mommy at kasali si champ, hihi.. yan smile ng smile, yan ang secret.. yun, napa smile din si Mr. Burrito, hihi

  8. nice ang hat mo Rose...kinikilig ka sa kiss ni Champ ah! hehehe

  9. hehhehe...ang sau-sau nyong 3...:)


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