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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nail Polish

 Ms. Burrito has been bugging me to  paint her nails  since Christmas so I finally did it on the second day of Christmas.
 I seldom  paint my nails ever.  For me, keeping short trimmed and clean is enough but  Ms. Burrito is different.  She likes this kind of stuff.
 It was a nice bonding moment for us because after I painted her nails she's all luvvy duvie to me.
We love you Ms. Burrito.

Happy New Year everyone!  May this year bring us good health and  lots of good luck!


  1. she's a girl talaga Rose, mahilig sa arte. Pwedeng mag artista yan. Buti nalang si little boy mo di nagpapaint ng nails hehe.

    Happy new year! from all of us!

  2. Lovely family photos. She'll treasure them when she's grown up.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. She is quite the young lady! It is a small detail, but helping her with her nails is wonderful. This is one of those moments that only mothers can help daughters with. A mom and girl bond that will last always!

  4. Life is all about the little memories with our children...savor them as they do play a very large part in connecting throughout life~

    Happy New Year and may 2011 be full of health and happiness~

  5. awww.... I don't encourage this... hahah kasi mamulubi ako in the future.. hahaha.. cute ni Ry..

  6. Such a precious one and she will indeed treasure these photos in the years to come and so will you! Such a lovely family! You're very blessed! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty with us! Have a wonderful new year with lots of love and laughter!


  7. This is a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes to you, from Boonie

  8. What a sweet post! Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

  9. Hi sis, iba na talaga mga bata these days. I do paint my nails sometimes but my girl also got the inclination. Good thing it's bawal in school.

    This is my first in shadow shot sunday.

    Happy new Year!


  10. ang cute ninyong mag-ina. iba talaga mga chikitings natin ngayon, alam nila kung ano ang gusto nila :-)
    ako din, i rarely had my nail polished. if I wanted to, ako nlng ang mg polish kasi kainis yung sa parlor, minsan masugatan pa tayo...

    in fairness, ang galing mong mgpaint mommy '-)

  11. Sweet.....I love the one where she looks so intrigued, I think it's the 3rd one down from the top...where she's watching so closely at the progress. Great photo share.

    Thanks for visiting me today.

  12. Yes, Rylie was so lovey dovey to you especially after you painted her nails. She is so malambimg just like you. You really had a great bonding moment with your little missy, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. aba aba tinalo pa ang nanay nito ahh. ako rin i prefer short cut nails. and nanay parang hindi sanay mag manicure hehe

  14. Sweet! My daughter was/is a girly-girl too, so I can totally relate. Had my first manicure when she got married! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  15. What a great pix, systah an art? He he… talo kana yata sa kalandian no?
    Same here, if you see sa bb girl ko, naka? Malanding tunay §;-)

    Happy SSS & hope you had a great holiday & welcome the new decade with a big bang.

    Hugs always to you & your lovelies…

  16. Cute naman ng bonding moment ... kikay na si rylie.

  17. me too sis...I prefer short nails...but once in awhile I paint them...akesha loves it too!

    kikay talaga si Rye...bago din bangs nya!


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