Friday, October 29, 2010

Rainy Days

Good morning everyone, how's your day going?   I just got done vacuuming the floor and now running the washing machine.  My tummy is grumbling hehehe so I have to eat something.  I made  my daughter and husband  some hamburger helper for their lunch and  I am going to eat what's left.  EJ wanted waffles so that was what he ate.  Sharing this picture that I took of him last Saturday at my FIL's back porch.  Just to make the rainy day brighter hehehe.  Have a nice day everyone!


  1. we all love to brighten our rainy days!
    have a lovley day!

  2. How's my day?

    emm...I would say...tiring.

  3. Ang laki na ni EJ sis! Tagal ko na talagang di nkapag-blog...


  4. Wow, rain. I miss those days- wala kasi kami niyan dito. We're all waiting for the winter season (dry nga lang), and can't wait to stay outdoors na ulit.
    Natakam ako sa waffles, yum yum.
    Have a great day!!

    Ive finally updated my blog after months of hibernation, hope you'd visit when you got the time. God bless :)

  5. Linda a sua família! Realmente ser mãe e esposa é dispor de tempo integral para agradar a todos...
    Vou ser vovó em janeiro e já estou me preparando para começar mais uma etapa da vida. A família são os nossos alicerces! Grata por visitar o meu jardim, e achei muito lindo o seu canteiro de Flocos (Phlox).
    Um grande abraço carioca!

  6. rainy days na pala dyan sis....nako dito d ma explain ang weather...parang pinas eh...uulan lang bigla.

    cute naman nitong binata mo...ehhehe! btw sis, hope you can join my giveaway contest on October 1st...ehehhehe!

  7. nakita ko na naman ang smile ni EJ, gumaganda ang araw ko.. hihi... :) ang cute naman ng smile...

  8. EJ is growing up resembling John in almost every way. I am amazed at the persistence you exhibit in performing your chores both as wife, as a mother and as a blogger. You seem to have time for everything. That's the result of a hardworking work ethics in your entire life. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  9. aba binata na si ej, spobrang busy ng bading ako rin maglabadami din dito

  10. Awww, sweet EJ. Malakas din ulan dito a few days ago Rose.


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