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Monday, May 17, 2010

Peonies & Chelsea

Our female Pomeranian dog, Chelsea, love to eat flowers. She eats every dandelion that she could find in our yard. When my flowers in the garden started to bloom, she started eating it too. Here's my peonies when it's just starting to bloom.

Yesterday, we were all outside and we let the the dogs loose, Chelsea tore up three big peonies and started eating it, so I put her on a leash before she could eat all my pretty blooms.
I think that the peonies are sweet because ants love them and our little missy here has a sweet tooth too.

You can see on the fourth shot how she tore up three stems just to get the flowers.
I love the blooms of peonies because they smell good and they're gorgeous!

I have white and pink of them. which do you think is prettier. I love the red shade on the white one but I love the color pink too.


  1. Chelsea is such a cute little dog and your peonies are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can't wait till mine bloom, They are kinda sheltered by some bushes so it'll take them a little bit.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. You have such a lovely garden with beautiful flowers blooming in season. Too bad your dog Chelsea loves to eat your flowers. Masarap siguro ang lasa nito kaya kinakain ni Chelsea. First time akon nakakita nang asong kumakain nang flowers. I am joining your contest and will put your widget in some of my blogs. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. That is not good, paano nlang mauubos mga flowers mo niyan bading. Naisip ko tuloy dog ko noon, she ates underwares waaa.

  5. waaaaaaaaaaa...kinain ni Chelsea ang magagandang flowers mo bading...ehehhehe!

    love all your pics...clear na clear...parang water...ehehehe...joke!

  6. waaaa kawawa naman ang mga peonies, fav pala ni chelsea, manamis tamis siguro yan haha.

    haha next month pa pala ang anniv hehe..binago ka na Rose..hehe yeah, gusto naming lahat modaug (mudaug) whatever the spelling haha.


  7. I love the white with little red.

  8. Sayang naman ang mga blooms mo,Ate Rose,pinaglalaruan lang ni Chelsea.

    Will join your contest,Ate Rose kahit na ala akong paypal account lol!I'm a supporter!Happy blogversary!

  9. oh my chelsea, spare those beautiful flowers please...haha

  10. i just join...Pls check it out here:

  11. I don't know which is cuter. Chelsea or your beautiful flowers. I like all of them.

  12. naughty Chealsea:) but she's really cute! You have such pretty flowers! you must have a green thumb. have a good week! My RT is here.

  13. OMGosh,,how Sweet Sweetie,,loved this story and the pics to!!! Is she a Chihuahua ??? Looks real similar to our Sissi...She loves bugs,,,ah, not so sweet ya think...
    Hugs from Dena in Iowa
    Have a BLESSED week!!!

  14. So funny how Chelsea loves to eat your peonies! OK, maybe it's not funny for you. You have lovely blooms, I can understand wanted to keep them! Wouldn't they give her a tummy ache?

  15. Good thing Chelsea still left few flowers for you to shoot! :)

  16. Hi Rose! I have to agree with you, the white one with shades of red in the middle is absolutely pretty...and course, Chelsea is equally lovely.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, they look so real... Ignoy au ko sa peonies...hehehe. God bless.

  17. I missed you Ate, your kids and your photo sharings =) Pasensha na ha, ngayon lang ako naka-visit.. SUper busy kasi kami, lagi nasa labas..

    ANyway, nakaka-aliw naman itong Pome nyo.. sabi ni Hubby, super likot daw ng mga pomeranian, hyper ba yung sa inyo?

    Have a nice day =) Hugs to your burritos =)

  18. cute ni chelsea :) and the flowers are lovely sis!

    u may view mine here

  19. ello malambing na ina...naa ko award sa iyo..hehe mixed bisaya at tagalog..andon sa Mom's Place ko hehehe.

  20. The puppy very cute and nature when playing with the flower :)

  21. Oh no it's okey if Chelsea will eat just the dandelion but not the peony. Mine is not yet in bloom and I am waiting for it since it does smell good, parang ilang2x and dating. You have Lupine too Mommy Rose?? Wish I am close to you I will beg for some hahaha. Happy WEdnesday!

    Ruby Red Tuesday


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