Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working Shadows

My FIL mentioned that he was going to clean the gutters of his house and hubby told him that he is going to help him. John knows that Dad does not like to wait so the next day, when he called Dad to ask him about it, he wasn't answering the phone so hubby knows that he is doing it already. He got worried so went there and sure enough he is starting it already. So hubby finished the job for him
So here are the shadows of my husband in action. Our little man, wanted to go up and help his Dad up there too.
Alright, be very careful. I know that you are afraid of heights lol.
Congratulations to Tracy for reaching the 100th posts for Shadow Shot Sunday, this is my contribution right here.
Does the shadow of this one count?
How about the shadows of the plants and car? Happy shadow hunting guys!


  1. Great shadow shots for the day! Always fun to come here for a visit! Looks as though lots of work got done!! Hope your weekend has gone well so far! Enjoy!


  2. Nice shadow shots, Rose. I can see EJ is like my David. He loves to climb the ladder every time we put it..

  3. You got a good variety of shadows for the meme...Lovely.....Michelle

  4. What an adorable post. I like the unusual photo of the tree with the ladder over it! (if that's what it is?) Thanks heaps for the congrats on the 100th post. And thanks kindly for regularly playing along!

  5. I missed visiting. Thanks for the visit sis, I will try to visit again. Blessings! Hope you can visit me too. Thanks!

    The Horizon

  6. I see the little helper right there ^_^. Happy Sunday!!


  7. kaya ang araw a gumaganda sa picture palang panalo na.

  8. Up the tall ladder,
    rung by rung. Where does it lead?
    You’ll know when you’re done!

    Your choice of shadows:
    Shadowy tombstone
    Orphaned truck shadows

  9. The shadows are great, the look of ladder artistry on the ground. A great son he is, Dad needs his guidance (and back) to help on the roof. The look of a family at work on a sunny day. Weirton looks so nice on a nice day!

  10. by the way, thanks for visiting my site. I followed you here too.

  11. The shadow shots are beautiful. Your son really want to go up with his father. hehehe

  12. you won the TUTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    i sent you an email!

  13. Interesting shadows. glad your man helped your dad. Tell them all to take care doing that job. We have 2 friends who fell and broke their back doing that job.

  14. Mabait na anak talaga si John. Hindi niya matiis na hindi tulungan ang kanyang dad. Ganun din naman ang father niya, laging laan tumulong sa inyo sa lahat nang bagay. Sana mamana rin nang anak mong si EJ ang positive traits na ito nang kanyang daddy at lolo, lol. Mukhang kay John tumutulad si EJ at sa iyo naman tumutulad si Rylie, lol. At least balanced, hindi ba? Tig isa kayo ni John lol. Thanks for the homey post. God bless you all always.

  15. Great shadow shots. How sweet you guys are to help your FIL clean gutters. I really like the shadow shot of the ladder and tree. Very unique and creative.


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