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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rylie is Registered in St. Joseph School

We went to St. Joseph School today and registered Rylie to Kindergarden, we paid 40 dollars for registration. I regret not to get the full information that I want because our son freak out when one of the teachers tried to give them a tour while I was doing the paper work so we left without me getting the full details but anyhow, I plan to go back there again.


  1. That's good! We're still waiting to hear from the school we want my son to go to. He's on the waiting list, and I hope we hear back soon because we didn't have a back up plan

  2. wohooo...what a big step for ate rye....looking forward to see her on her uniform and her back pack on....:)

  3. Wow sis may school girl ka na. congrats! siguro excited na si Rylie to attend school. :)


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