Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sled Ride Fun

 The kids and hubby went out  and sled riding the other day at ny FIL's  yard.  There was a little bit of snow accumulation that day so they took  advantage of it.  
Our daughter did not stay very long outside but our son  stayed until his cheeks were pink.  I can see  how my son would love to be in one of those snowboards during winter,.  He has a very strong tolerance to cold weather.
Here wishing everyone a lovely weekend.  We will be going to Pittsburgh today and probably see a family friend.  Thank you all for always coming by.  I know I woe you a visit since it's been days that I wasn't able to blog hop.


  1. I love your sled, yung sa amin hindi nagamit kasi walang buhay hahaha.

  2. It's great that your kids and your hubby were able to play outside in the snow. Yes, EJ would really enjoy a ride in a snowboard. Have a good time in your visit to Pittsburgh. Thanks for the snowy post. God bless you all always.

  3. Happy holidays mare!
    love the snow huh?
    by the way, nung Dec. 6 ako nanganak.

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  4. wow! ang saya-saya....:) been a long time na din akong d nakahawak nang!


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