Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cross Stitching is a Great Hobby

The photos above are just some of the corss stitch I made when I was pregnant and didn't know blogging yet lol. ow I wish I could still do it because it is a very relaxing and yet addicting hobby. I found a place where you can buy wholesale cross stitch kits online and I love their selection.


  1. nice crosstitch! I am doing crosstitch as well te, kaya lang minsan nakaka migraine sa changing colours.haay pero pagnatapos to i know it'll be so much rewarding.

  2. Galing! I do cross stitching before too. Parehas tayo, hindi ko pinakelaman ang blogging ko before kasi hindi ako sure na totoo ba talaga na maka-earn online na mag-sulat2x lang. hahaha, eh hindi pa naman ako writer. So me and hubbz bought a cross stitch pattern then we cross stitched together. Until now, it's still undone. Busy ako sa blogging at asikaso din siya sa computer problems sa School na pinoprogram nya yung database system. Hayz naku, nakaka-hinayang nga eh, how I wish to finish it someday. Rose, may Amish outlet ba kayo dyan? You can sell some hand made stuff there or in Etsy.com.


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