Friday, June 25, 2010

Playful Chipmunk

We were visiting my FIL the other day when I spotted this chipmunk playing between my FIL and his neighbor's yard. I tried to take photos even if the resolution of my camera is not that great. You may enlarge it to see him.

Before we went to Korea, we had one chipmunk that regularly hang out in our front porch, I wonder what happen to him coz I never saw him again now that we're back.


  1. so cute...matalas ang mga mata natin badingding...ehehhee!

    natanggap ko na yung isang order ko still waiting for the other 2....will blog about it pag andito na lahat...ehehhe....:)

  2. I love chipmunks Rose. They are so cute.
    I really like the last photo.

  3. What fun and very cute photos of the chipmunk. I have one that comes to feed where the birds drop the seed on the back deck. They are so fast.

    If you have time to stop by, my Camera Critter’s post is right here.


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