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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Family Walk

The following photos were taken during an afternoon walk at my FIL's neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. After my husband and I went for a walk, I took my kids for a walk to around two blocks just so they could have their exercise too. This was when I got three doses of exercise in a day because when we arrived home, I took our dogs for a walk too.
Walking is not only a form of exericse but also a form of therapy for our soul. It gives me some type of relaxation just by enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.
It is more fun when you take a walk with your husband or kids.
The kids spotted this robin so we took a picture of her. Have a lovely night/day everyone. I apologize if I a am not around your blog these days, we are so busy with our DIY fence project. Thank you for all your visit and comments.


  1. We should really start doing this more often! Love the pictures!

  2. Your place has a nice block to go for a walk bakla and aside from that it is also plain di tulad sa amin na hills

  3. I like your kids. They're so sweet and loving for brother and sister.

    Congrats for them!

  4. Same here, I find walking a relaxing activity

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  5. Kahit naman ako,sa ganda at laki naman ng madaanan mo,gustong-gusto ko yan gawin.
    pero mas masaya kung may kasamang kids,di lang kayo naglalakad,kung di naglalaro pa.

    Ang saya n'yo!

  6. nice naman nang neighborhood nyo sis....been a long time nadin naming d ginagawa to...ehhehee..minsan kasi pagod si goryo from work....

    daan me dito sis..bloghop muna ako...2 days na kasi akong absent sa blog!

    medyo oks na tummy ko...gumawa kasi ako ng fruit salad hindi ako nag lunch...kaya pororot ang!

    sige, catch you later...mwah!

  7. Yes, napakahusay nga na exercise ang brisk walking at very enjoyable pa since you are able to appreciate the sights around when you are walking. Mahusay na sa health, enjoy ka pa. How's that for the immense value and benefits of walking to every individual. As parents, we should take good care of our health since our children depend on us so much. Mabuti naman at namana rin nang mga anak ninyo ang pagiging health buff ninyo ni John. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. ohhh, so sweet of them to hold each other's hands when walking....

    that place looks like a nice place to walk, love the color of the trees :-).


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