Friday, June 11, 2010

Blog Anniversary Giveaway - Sticky Post

My blog anniversary giveaway is now official. Thanks to the CSN Online Store for sponsoring this giveaway for me. So what do you get for this giveaway? A $100 promotional code from CSN which you can use at their online shopping store. There are so many gorgeous things that you can buy with 100 dollars, just like the decorative items below. This giveaway, that CSN is sponsoring, is open to Canadian and American residents only.

I know that there are many bloggers, from other countries, who are very loyal to my blogs, so you can still join this giveaway. If you win, you will not receive the CSN prize but I will award a prize of $25.oo from my paypal account to your paypal account.


  1. Wow bading, i wanna enter your giveaway, Ill do the mechanics once I have time.

    I also received email from CSN store asking if I am interested in giveaways.

  2. hello sis Rose...congrats to you and happy blogvesary to your blog...

    I am joining your giveaway, please count me in.. I am here in the Philippines but I still join..thanks for inviting me...

    I am done posting my post about your giveaway pala:

    I also subscribed and followed your Spice Up Your Life blog.


  3. Can I join? oi.. join my contest also ha..

  4. hi sis, thanks for the invite to this contest... I'll join to when I'm done with my major task :) like those giveaways...

    Happy Blogversary :)

  5. Hi Rose just here to visit not for the giveaway..Just HI !!! and I was thinking about you..
    Hugs Dena

  6. I followed you on GoogleFriendConnect and also, as a special treat at my blog, grabbed your button and put it into my blog. How sweet is that?

    devonm @ sasktel dot NET is where the button of yours is.

  7. Thanks for the invite. What a way to celebrate your blogoversary! I will have to check out the mechanics.


    All the Best,

  8. yey, sasali ako!

    I already did my post, here it is:

    now following your Spice Up Your Life blog!

    wow! this is great!

    Happy Anniv!


  9. yay!! i'll be back para sumali hehehe..TY sa invitation hahaha..

  10. Following back from FF. Have a great weekend!!

  11. is giveaway open for everyone to take part?

  12. ay..miss ko na mag paid post,hehehehehe! kaw mentor ko dun Maam Rose...miss u!

  13. Your blogversary giveaway contest is very exciting. The prizes are very tempting too. I'll see if I can join. I'll study the mechanics first. Thanks for this most wonderful contest. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  14. Hi I found you on Friday follow! Happy Blog anniversary! I am now your newest follower and hope you will visit my site and follow me back!

    Thanks, Mellisa

  15. What an interesting give-aways my friend.Hope I can join. Good luck and congratulations...

  16. hello badingding...sensya na po at ngayon lang me nakadalaw dito...super busy ang weekend namin...we went to see a movie kaninang umaga...tapos we went to our condo to fix the fence and trim the trees....kaya sakit ng katawan ko...waaaa

    musta ang weekend nyo jan....

    woi, congrats pala badingding...ehhehehe! here's mine:


    bukas na ako blog hop...have to talk to mama on skype...mwah!

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  18. Thanks for the invite sis. :)

    Eto na post ko, sensya na can't bloghop these days, uber busy talaga.Subscribe na rin ako. here's my email adie.

  19. I'm joining and here's my Winning Post :D
    I'm already a follower and a subscriber of your Spices blog.

  20. Hi Bakla I enter you giveaways, here is the link to my blog post

    I subscribed to your blog using

    Im already your die hard follower hehehe

  21. Here is my other blog post link Bakla.
    hope I win para may makainan na ako waaaa.

  22. Chubz...
    TY for your never ending visit to my place. Yamat talaga ha?

    COngratz din with your blogversary! Time flies, yan tumatanda rin yong blogs natin.

    ENjoy! Am living Sweden, so I guess not joining. Magagahol ka pa.

    GB to all...

  23. I am follower using sherrygo


    subscribed using sherrygo at ymail dot com

    I am from Malaysia.

  24. id like to join soon :) by the way, join mine too ha

  25. hi mommy rose! congratulations on your anniversary! i'm joining your giveaway!!!☺

    my entry is posted here. i'm from the Phils. (though I'm sure you already know that.☺)

    i've followed your blog and subscribed as well with this e-mail addy: bamie18[AT]yahoo[DOT]com.

  26. btw dear, the name i used to follow your blogs is bamie.☺

  27. Wow, cool contest! Ang dami ngang mabibili sa 100 bucks! Join ako. :)

  28. waaa....sumali ako...wish me luck Rose hahaha.

  29. That red bowl is freaking awesome, gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  30. Hi Mommy Rose!

    Thanks for inviting me to join your lovely blog give away.

    I also joined your contest:

    I followed and subscribed on your Spice Up Your Life Blog.

    I'm your avid follower and fan here in the Philippines pala. hehehe

    I also placed your badge on my post and in my sidebar.

    Here's my email addy:

    Thanks a lot!

  31. hello sis probs..done adding the badge

  32. hi Rose, banner added side bar

  33. Hi sis. nai-add ko na ang contest badge sa post at sa sidebar. kindly check. Thanks. :)

  34. hi ate rose! wow! congrats at 2nd blogversarry mo na pala! cge, will check this contest and try to post asap. hugs!

  35. alrighty... yeebah, i'll joini'll make a post about this..

  36. THIs is a confusing giveaway. What is the list before the comments.

    Do you need the mandatory entry? I don;t see it in the comments above?

    Is this only for friends that were invited somewhere?

  37. i made a post of the contest here.. :)

  38. Hello Ate Rose! thanks for the invite to join ur giveaway.

    i joined na ur contest. hope i already qualify.

    here's my blog post:

    placed the contest badge in my sidebar and in my blog post

    followed your Spice Up Your Life blog as kikamz

    my location: Germany

  39. hi mommy rose!☺

    i already placed the banner in the post i made and i also placed it on my sidebar (although i resized it).


  40. done wit it, Rose...pls. check it out:

  41. Rose, done everything and here is the link: - Cecile (USA)

  42. This is a great giveaway. Thanks!

    I follow your other blog and subscribe to the email. I've blogged about the giveaway, using the giveaway badge in both the blog and my sidebar. I've also included a link to this blog in my blog.

    I'm in Canada.

  43. joined too sis:

    its on my side bar too

    followed and subscribed to your spice up your life :)

    from PH :)

  44. i am joining...

    good luck to me... lol

  45. Count me in, please. If I won, I think I would choose the cherry le creuset stock pot I am in the US. I subscribed and am following.

  46. advance happy anniversary dear! will try to be back to's just a real busy week.

  47. Happy Blog Anniversary,Ate Rose!!Will join the contest ha!Grabbed your giveaway linky badge muna sa sidebar ng Kizuna.

  48. Hi Rose, congrats... Joining your Giveaway..

    Done these:
    1. Love the Boston Red Sox Table Lamp

    2. blogged it here:

    3. Been a follower of your Spice up your life blog ...

    4. subscribed via email ... jluga3144 at gmail dot com

    5. contest badge on my sidebar

    6. Pilipinas

    7. vlyluga at gmail dot com

  49. Hi I am joining too..
    here's the link of my post

    email add -
    followed this blog and the other one as well :-)


  50. Happy Blogversary Ate Rose.. I'll find my time to make my entries =) Goodluck to the participants =)

  51. ayay! dami na sumali badingding...ehehehhe....:) good luck sa mananalo!

    daan me dito just to say hello....:) musta na sis? I have something for ya pala sa assuming na check mo na...ehehhe!

    dko sure sa price nong halo-halo sis...I think between 2-3 bucks sa filipino store...ehehehe!

    ako lang naman ang kumakain...akesha and hubby don't like!

    sige sis, blog hop muna ako...mwah!

  52. Hello there,Ate Rose!Here's my entry nga pala:

    *the contest linky badge is already at my sidebar
    *already a follower and subscribed
    *e-mail: clarissa_candido[AT]yahoo[DOT]com

    Goodluck to all the participants and congratulations again,Ate Rose!

  53. I'm drooling over the chef's knives and the LeCreuset pans and tea pot. So many choices! Thanks for the chance.

  54. I would like to get the Paula Deen Porcelain Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set.

    wrotek5 at gmail dot com

  55. here is my post

    Done these:
    1. Love the Boston Red Sox Table Lamp

    2. blogged it here:
    here is my post:

    done with everything.
    Loc. Qatar

  56. Dear Rose,

    hopefully...wanna join, but it is impossible.
    BTW happy anniversay..

  57. daan lang me dito sis..congrats sis, dami nag-join. goodluck sa amin lahat.. hihi..

  58. yeey!!! I'm joining!!!
    Here's my post:
    Followed your Spice up your Life blog and subscribed and confirmed via ac.a.saldua[at]
    Location: UK

  59. I want to try my luck also sis. Here's my post: My email address is I'm from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Followed your blog, subscribed email, grabbed giveaway button to my right sidebar, and posted giveaway button to my blog post giveaway entry. Cross my heart and fingers! :)

  60. Hi, congrats on your anniversary and thanks for the chance. Here's the link of my post:
    Also following Spice Up your life and subscribed to the newsletter via e-mail. Have posted the badge too.
    I am from US. E-mail: mandalarctic(at)gmail(dot)com

  61. my post url tokaya...


  62. Hello sis, sumali ako hehehe..

    heres mine:

    I followed all of your blogs..Good luck to everyone

  63. Nag join din ako rose, matagal ng nasa side bar ang logo, per now lang ako naka post. that's my email addy.

  64. Hello!

    I joined in

    I followed and subscribed to your blog using amador dot christine at gmail dot com

    I have also put the button on my sidebar too

    i am from the Philippines


  65. Happy Anniversary to your blog Rose! :)

    Here is my entry

    Put the contest banner on my sidebar. Followed your blogs and subscribed via email as well :)

    Btw, I am from Philippines.

  66. Hi Rose! My first name is Jenn, sorry I forgot to include :)

  67. Mommy :) Here is my entry:

    Followed and did everything :)

    Ellen Joy, Philippines

  68. Happy blogoversary! I am celebrating mine as well :-)

  69. happy blogversary!! please let me in, its not too late i think :)

    I followed you
    I subscribed
    Grab the badge :)

    From Philippines

    silverlilacc at hotmail dot com

  70. Hello mommy dear, here's my entry:

    Followed and subscribed with evan.keona at

    Country: Indonesia

    Congrats on your blogoversary dear, and good luck to all participants!

  71. Hi, I already joined and here's my entry:

    Mei Santiago, Philippines

  72. This is a great way to celebrate your blog's anniversary Rose! Congrats to you and good luck to whoever will be the winner.

  73. Oh I'm back to correct my Ailecgee link.

  74. Happy Blog Anniversary to you! I wish I can join your contest soon!

  75. Happy Blogoversary! Pwedi pa bang sumali sis?

    By the way, good luck to your giveaway.

  76. I think I did everything right!
    I followed and subscribed to Spice of Life AND your Obstacles blog as(Carolsue). I put your badges on my sidebar AND in the giveaway post. My country is the USA. And here is where I posted it:
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  77. I am joining sis. My entry is here

    Followed your other.

    Placed the widget in my sidebar already

    I am from the Philippines

  78. Eto pla entry ko sis

    Subscribed also using:

    ddjovelen at yahoo dot com

    Please let me know if may kulang pa ako.

    Thanks and good luck to your giveaway.

  79. better late than never:
    blog post :

    subscribe using redamethyst(dot)subscribe (at) gmail (dot) com.

    but you can contact me through

    I am from Pasig, Philippines


  80. same here, sis: better late than never! :D
    Here's my post link:

    Followed spice-up and subscribed feeds using:
    Lisa from the Philippines (*wink)


    Im from the Philippines


    This is my link rose.. Yahoo! I might be the winner!

  83. Hello Rose,

    Sana ako ang mapili mo.. crossing my fingers..

    My email address is

  84. I like the Roosevelt globe sku #rb1070

    parodi821 at yahoo dot com

  85. here's mine:

    chelle.tams at gmail. ;)

  86. Akala ko di nako makaka-join dito.. but I supported this contest by putting your banner in my side bar =)

    Glad I joined today, sana nun pa ko nagpost, i forgot..

    and im from Japan =) Goodluck to us participants =)

  87. new email ko for my feeds that i subscribe is

    flooded kasi yung orig email ko with fb notifications =)

  88. hi sis, sorry i'm late but its better to be late than never,

    i'm a follower of your blog, followed your other blog too

    here's my post :

  89. Hello Rose!
    Just wanna greet your blog "Happy Blosversary!" Fabulous giveaways huh?!

  90. Manang Rose, it's in the neck of time but am participating. Here's my entry:

    Posted the badge at my blog (Cacai M.'s Place) right side bar.

    Already subscribed to your Spice Your Life blog through email.

    Location: Same as yours.. hehehe.. (USA)

    Email: cacainad (at) gmail (dot) com or cacai_nad2005 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Check it out manang kow.. I hope I will win it! Hehe.. muahhh!

  91. Here's my post link so add me to the list- I'm in the USA.


  92. Put badge in post and in sidebar!

  93. Subscribe to spice up your life via email

  94. Of course like everyone else I would love to win! Hopefully I have done it all right! Debbie

  95. Here's my post!

    Happy anniversary!

    mayacarpenter at verizon dot net

  96. Email subscriber and following Spice Up Your Life.
    mayacarpenter at verizon dot net

  97. I have your badge in my post and on the sidebar.

    I'm from the US.

  98. I want the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. Or a good waffle maker.

    Hi! I'm your newest follower from FF - love your blog! Hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin


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