Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little Einstein & the Birthday Girl

Both my daughter and son tried my eyeglasses, they were so curious how it feels to use an eyewear. Here is EJ wearing my eyeglasses yesterday, he was telling me to take a picture of him which I am more willing to do of course lol.
The lovely daughter of a dear friend, Dhemz, from the blog, My Life's Perception & Inspiration, is celebrating her fourth birthday today. So folks if you could please help this lovely young lady to hold this "wooster" for her, I think she would be very happy since she is getting a little tired in holding it lol. Happy birthday Akesha dearest, we wish you good health and good life ahead of you. May God bless you always!
Pwede na bang love team tong dalawa hahaha, just kidding friends, have a lovely day!


  1. They look cute...Visiting...

  2. studios ang dating ni ej...happy bday akesh!

  3. They really look so adorable!!Pwede na silang love team!ehe!

    Happy Birthday to Akesha dear!!Hugs to you sweetie!!\(^0^)/

  4. Professor ang dating ni EJ boy ahh. Happy Birthday inday Kulot Akesha.mwah

  5. woaaaaahhhhhh...gwafo ni Einstein sis....:) bagay na bagay sa kanya ang glasses...ehehehe!

    hahhaha..natatawa ako sau bakla....hhaaha....pwede narin love talaga si akesha sa!

    woi, thanks sa greetings bakla ha....:)

  6. Happy Birthday to them!!

    Happy Follow Friday!

    I'm your newest follower!

    Love your blog!!

    Hopefully you can follow me back!!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Bagay ni EJ eyeglasses. He looks nerd at oo bagay din sila ni bday girl Akesha, hehehe! Cute nila pareho...

  8. Talagang itong is Rose, lumitaw na naman ang kapilyahan , lol. Nuong una si Champ at Chelsea at mina match. Ngayon naman si EJ at Akesha, lol. Well alam ko namang joke lang yun, lol. Mukha ngang genius itong si EJ. Nag mukhang mature siya dahil sa suot niyang salamin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY kay Akesha dear. May you have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. Naku, kayong magkukumare oo, pati mga anak nyo eh nirereto ninyo, lol. Well, it was a good laugh dahil joke lang naman talaga iyon. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. Happy Bday, Akesha; bagay kay EJ yung glasses mo, Rose :-)!

  10. Aba at may ka loveteam na si EJ!! bagay! hehehe!

  11. Happy birthday to a lovely girl!

  12. ang cute ni EJ, hehe..seryoso talaga oh..

  13. hehhee....super cute ni lil Eisenstein...:) Akesh said that she's going to invite rye and ej to seaworld for her!


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