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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God's beautiful Creation

Here are some of the beautiful sceneries that we enjoyed viewing while driving going to Pittsburgh last weekend. Too bad, I couldn't get a shot of those beautiful birds that I saw on the way. We are planning to go to Oakdale tomorrow morning to have our military IDs replaced. My husband's DD214 has finally arrived the other day, thanks God for that!

Hopefully the weather will be beautiful again so we won't have any problem and the kids will enjoy the drive.


  1. enjoy the ride girl! I hope someday we would be also doing this together. haist...

  2. Yup there is always a beauty in nature. hehe. Ill visit crystals blog bakla nag bablog na pala din ang SIL mo.

  3. I went to your SIL place all her creations....:)

    btw, matagal ba mag file ng dd214?

    parang umousbong na yung mga bulaklak sa paligid sis ah...dito samin ala na...ala na yung mga cherry blossoms sa paligid namin....dito sa backyard namin wala na flowers yung mga kahoy...lahat dahon na....:)

    sa thursday pala yung bday ni kulot...ehehehe...gosh, I can't believe na mag po 4 na sya...bilis ng panahon....

    musta na kau jan? matagal na tayong d nagchachat...ehehhehe.....:)

    blog hop muna ako....:) salamat sa dalaw at comments!

  4. wow..ganda..agree ako jan kay Tsang Shy..hehe

  5. What beautiful pictures you have captured! Springtime is just so lovely with the trees blooming and the flowers in all of their pretty shapes and colors! So nice stopping by for Outdoor Wednesday!

  6. What lovely pictures you took on your drive. I love flowering trees. I will visit your other blog as well as that of your sil's after I finish visiting all the OW participants.

    ~ Tracy

  7. Yun ang advantage kung me bitbit kang camera palagi because you can take pictures of the beautiful scenery as you travel along in your car. Lagi kang ready para sa photo shoot, hehehe, lol. Sayang nga lang at wala kang nakunang pictures nang God's small creatures, lol. Me LQ pa ba si Champ at Chelsea? I wonder?, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. Lovely pics....all of God's creations are absolutely beautiful. Oakdale,Louisiana?

  9. ganda ng mga pics... sana nga always nice ang weather para ma enjoy ng mga kids ang outdoor

  10. They are such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing, Rose. :)


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