Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When we drove our car from Baltimore to Weirton, we did not bother to eat in Maryland because we were worried about our kids and we want to get home before it gets dark. We just bought some burger and fries at a fast food chain and drove away. When we reached PA, we can no longer take our growling tummy so we stop by at this dining areas. We first went to the family House Restaurant but hubby decided to go on the other side of the road which is called Gateway.

Thanks for pointing that Out Kuya Mel. Actually the food looks delicious but as soon as I had a bowl of soup, i was already full so I did not order anymore. Hubby ate at a buffet menu.


  1. Looking at their bulletin board it looks like they were gearing up for Valentine's Day!
    Round The Bend.

  2. When you are hungry on the road, almost any restaurant will do. Fast counts for a lot, as we want to see the children as much as they want to see us.

    I am wondering if this is Breezewood, although I haven't been there in decades...

  3. Looks like you really had fun together mommy Rose ^_^

    My red shoes

  4. It is really hard to get a quick meal on the road when at the back of your mind, you are worrying about your kids left behind with someone else. Good thing that you have your FIL to take care of your children while you were away. You failed to mention whether the food at Gateway was good or not. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. Thanks for taking me with you on night out meal. Sounds like a good place to eat. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  6. Gateway to yummy foods? so hows their food in there bakla/

  7. Hi Rose, looks a real nice place.
    Is that rain clouds behind?
    Hey....you got no snow there?
    Bet the food was good, huh?
    You stay young and keep a song in your heart, mabuhay, Lee.

  8. The Gateway sure hd a lot of red in it.
    I like to stop and enjoy a meal when we are out driving.
    As my husband is the one of us who has to do the chauffeur job, I see to that he has some rest and good food
    Love the Valentine clipboard.

  9. surely your kids miss you both for times you were out for a date, i mean in PA. what are those stuffs i just zoomed in at the bulletin board? :)

  10. Lovely looking family. Happy Ruby Tuesday!


  11. dear chubskulit...it is always a whole lot funner stopping by a restaurant. even a fast food one and going inside to eat.
    since bernie has retired, we go pretty near every day for a coffee and bagel. it is not very expensive and we enjoy being out together.
    i especially like your flash back video..so full of hearts and so full of happy children!
    thank you for your visit to my blog and god bless you!....love terry

  12. the place sure looks inviting and glad you enjoyed your meal.

  13. Like Ralph, I think this is Breezewood! We've stopped there on our way to Columbus, OH. Love the fun sign of the bakery.

  14. yeah i agree the place looks really interesting!

    u may view mine here

  15. Cool Ruby Pics !

  16. The sign of the bakery is so nice!

  17. Aren't you glad you didn't do the buffet! You'd have had to have eaten more to get your money's worth. :)


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