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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Bunk Bed

The first thing that we did during new years day was bought a bunk bed for the kids. One of the furniture store nearby our place had a 50% off sale so we availed for that. We got this one for over five hundred bucks which was originally more than a thousand in price. We also saw a lot of sale on iron cabin decor and other stuff, if only we have lots of cash lol.

We chose this one because the color matches the bed that Rylie has in her bedroom. You can also separate the two and make it into two beds.

My husbAND nad my FIL picked it up yesterday and set it up. Thanks Dad, the kids love it.

Here's the team who set it up.

But hey, wait a minute, look what they did. I went to their bed last night to finally checked them and found Rylie sleeping in EJ's bed. Hmmmnnn???

I asked her why she slept in EJ's bed last night and she told me that she just wanted to give her brother a hug but fell asleep lol. I came again tonight and she was there again. Hmmmnnn, too much for having a bunk bed lol. Goodnight everyone. Sorry for not visiting you this week, I am extremely busy.


  1. Yes, double deck beds are very practical and are space savers. They perfectly fit the needs of your two kids. That Rylie slept with her brother because she wanted to give him a hug is very cute and touching. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. Oh, those are the cutest pictures!! You have such a wonderful hubby and FIL!! :)

  3. oh, wow, i like the bed... they looked very comfortable in their new bed.. :)

  4. they are just so close girl thats why ehhehe

  5. nice bed and perfect but your two lovely kids..hahahhaha are just lovely! congrats sis! have a great day!

  6. I like what you picked too bading, nice siya. Buti pa ang cotrill fam completo na, yaman pa.

  7. Ganyan dati ang bunk bed ni Roan at Wrozlie, magkapatong, eh kaso umaakyat pati si Alex. Now, magkahiwalay na, kaso wala naman natutulog. Si Wrozlie, lumilipat sa amin, si Roan, kay Lola at alex nakikitabi,display lang yung kama sa kwarto nila..Hehehe..kamahal na display.

  8. woi new bed...ganda the color! wow sis, super mahal naman ng bed na yan...gosh, d kami maka afford sa price....isang dekada na nga tong bed!

    thanks for sharing....cute ng mga burritos mo...:)

    woi, sensya na po at ngayon lang ako naka visit...busy kasi ako kanina...dko napansin yung IM mo..sensya na sis ha....:)

    salamat pala sa dalaw at comment...miss yah manang ko..mwah!

    ilang tulog nalang at aalis na kami....waaaaaaaa...mamimiss ko kau....huhuhuh! :(

  9. wow, that's it, thanks for sharing and the visit sis!

  10. nice bed. I think we will also need that in the future. take care.

  11. i agree, Rose...that was a great deal! jake was $700.00 including bedding and everything... which it thought it was too much for a bunkbed!

    that was a nice bunkbed... i like it!

  12. That is a really cool kids bunk bed. I got my kids a bunk bed for a great price at and I also bought a bunk bed tent for it as well that kind of made it look like the bunk bed in the picture. They love it and spend hours playing pretent games on there so it was a great buy and I'd highly recommend that parents get their kids bunk beds for sure!


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